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3kW Bidirectional DC/DC Converter
3 kW, 48 V / 12 V buck-boost converter Power stage utilizing an insulated metal substrate (IMS) for improved cooling. The modular design consists of six phases in interleaved operation capable of 500 W each.
400 V 100 A Bidirectional eFuse
With the steady increase in high voltage eMobility applications semiconductor-based resettable fuses are quickly replacing mechanical relays/contactors and traditional non-resettable fuses. The eFuse concept is an innovative new trend for protecting both the user and the hardware in high voltage/power applications. In this new reference design, an eFuse featuring SiC MOSFETs and a VOA300 optocoupl
48 V Resettable eFuse
With the arrival of 48 V systems, a new method of safely connecting and disconnecting high current loads to the battery is required. This results in problems associated with arcing, which occurs when using mechanical relays. Therefore, an electronic fuse (eFuse) has been designed to switch loads up to 200 A at 48 V on a compact double-sided FR4 printed circuit board with passive cooling.