Silicon Labs C8051F582-IM

MCU 8-bit 8051 CISC 128KB Flash 2.5V/3.3V/5V Automotive 32-Pin QFN EP Tube


Silicon Labs C8051F582-IM - Schematic Symbol Schematic Symbol of Silicon Labs C8051F582-IM showing how CAD model looks and operates before user downloads 1 P0.1/CNVSTR 2 VIO 3 VREGIN 4 VDD 5 VDDA 6 GND 7 GNDA 8 P0.0/VREF 9 P3.0/C2D 10 *RST/C2CK 11 P2.7 12 P2.6 13 P2.5 14 P2.4 15 P2.3 16 P2.2 17 P2.1 18 P2.0 19 P1.7 20 P1.6 21 P1.5 22 P1.4 23 P1.3 24 P1.2 25 P1.1 26 P1.0 27 P0.7/CANRX 28 P0.6/CANTX 29 P0.5/UART0RX 30 P0.4/UART0TX 31 P0.3/XTAL2 32 P0.2/XTAL1 33 EPAD


Silicon Labs QFN32_5X5_SIL - PCB Footprint / Land Pattern PCB Footprint / Land Pattern of Silicon Labs QFN32_5X5_SIL showing how CAD model looks and operates before user downloads 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 *

3D Model

Symbol Views

(not all views will be available for every part)

Normal: Standard and most popular representation of schematic symbol

ALT_1 (IEEE view): Symbol representation in a way that is more graphical in explaining what the purpose of each pin is. For connectors and most discretes (as we use these views) it is simply an alternate view for people to use depending on the situation. For instance connectors can be generally an input, an output or neither. Resistors can be vertical or horizontal.

ALT_2 (demorgan): Demorgan is a name for an equivalent Gate structure. so for instance an AND gate and an OR gate can be represented by its Demorgan equivalent of a NOR gate.

Sometimes a device is fractured into multiple symbols (often for high pin count parts). If that is the case, you can preview the different symbols that make up the device by selecting them in this drop down.

Footprint Views

(not all views will be available for every part)

Basic: Our standard footprint view showing, contact area, pin number, top, top assembly

Detailed: Additional info to help you evaluate the part and the footprint including: dimension, silkscreen, soldermask, and solderpaste

PinDetail: Highlights the pin to pad contact area dimensions

Displays min/typ/max pad sizes for footprint per IPC specification (not all sizes will be available for every part)

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